The most important investment you can make is to develop your skills and capabilities to be the best that you can be. As Jim Rohn used to say, you can only have a better life by becoming a better "you!" According to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), each of us has within ourselves all of the resources to be almost anything we want to be in life. We just need to develop those resources, and these courses are designed to help you do just that.

All of these courses are self-paced and contain recorded explanations and instructions for developing your skills. These are presented by certified professionals who are trained in NLP and are certified practitioners and/or coaches. They come with a money-back guarantee: if you apply the practices taught and are dissatisfied with the outcomes, we will gladly refund your money with no hassles. 

Why not enroll now for the beginning of your new life journey? You'll be glad you did!

Almost everyone manages projects at some point, but not every project requires the use of heavy-duty tools such as critical path schedules, earned value analysis, or detailed progress tracking. 

This three-hour online, self-paced class consists of narrated lessons with slides, as well as a workbook that allows you to develop a plan that is simple to understand and execute. The plan you develop with this approach allows you to identify all of the stakeholders to your project, develop a clear outcome statement that will help assure the end result you are after, and also helps you identify things that could go wrong that might cost you time, money, or lead to failure. 

This course is intended for people who are managing small projects that involve no more than a few people and does not require a highly detailed project plan. It is NOT suitable for managers of large, complex projects; it is ideal for executives who are managing strategic initiatives or individuals who need a rudimentary plan for a small project (either professional or personal).

This course is intended to help you overcome limiting beliefs, improve your self image, motivate yourself, adopt new behaviors, and more.

To get the most out of this course, you will have to do more than just listen to the narrations--you will actually have to practice the methods. Most of them you can do alone, but some will be best done with a friend. Some of the activities will have downloadable audio (MP3) files that you can listen to, as they will guide you through the procedure. In any case, many of these methods should be practiced a number of times to master them.

Furthermore, as you go forward in time and encounter a problem, you will want to return to these methods to make corrections in your current programming.